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Michael Bonello has been passionate about Alfa Romeos for many years, particularly the ones from the Sixties and Seventies. The 105 series Bertone Coupe stood out above all the others as far as the brothers were concerned and, inevitably, after buying a few dodgy examples and putting them right they became their favourite pastime. After settling in England and spending many years working for Citroen & Fiat dealerships Michael decided to go it alone and with John as a partner, Bonello Auto Services was created - first as a sole trader and later as a Limited Company. The business has now been going for just under 7 years and employs 4 people and is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

With the majority - if not all - of the Alfa specialists being concentrated in the Southern half of England the fact that Bonello Auto Services is based in the North East is a welcome change to the many Alfa owners in the North of England as well as Scotland. The Company's ever growing client list of Alfa owners proves that its location has been an advantage.

Apart from 750, 101, 102, 105, 106 and 116 Alfas, the Company regularly looks after a pair of lovely Citroen DSs, a sexy Citroen SM, a rapid 1970's Porsche 911 S, a rebuilt Maserati Bi Turbo, a pretty Morris Traveller, a rally prepared Lancia Fulvia, a (used every day, come rain, salt or shine!) BMW 1502 as well as a rally spec. Fiat 124 Spider.

Bonello Auto Services totally understands that the owners of these cars are, above all else, enthusiasts and very often passionate about their particular marque. It naturally follows that the people entrusted to look after their cars should be equally as enthusiastic and passionate - if not more so - about what they do.

Welcome to Bonello Auto Services.


Who We Are
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