If you are a classic Alfa owner then you have come to the right place. If your Alfa happens to be a 101 or 105 series Coupe, Berlina or Spider then even more so! We have managed to turn our love for these cars into a business without losing any of the enthusiasm and attention to detail usually associated with those near fanatical owners that you meet at Alfa gatherings.

Our experience comes from actually running and improving our own cars for many years, we currently own four 105 series coupes which include:

  • 1973 LHD 2000 GTV sourced from France with subtle upgrades to turn it into a car for every day use in all types of weather, excluding the gritted road period! (see pictures in Gallery page)
  • 1974 RHD 2000 GTV for entry into next years HSCC (see pictures in the Restoration page) intended to showcase our work in the motorsport area
  • 1973 RHD 2000 GTV which will be turned into a GTAm replica for track day fun (follow the story in the Restoration page)
  • 1974 RHD 2000 GTV which has taken a few years to restore, as our client's vehicles always took priority. This vehicle was in effect the one used for our research and development into what works and what doesn't. Everything from which aftermarket head lining was the best (we tried 4 types before we settled on the best) and which aftermarket handling kit really does make a difference (three were tested!) to which replacement panels/sections were the best fit and finish (dozens tried!). We have pictures of this car in our Restoration page.

We have recently - and very reluctantly - sold a 1963 LHD 101 Giulia Spider as space was becoming short. Again this vehicle had many subtle upgrades which we now offer to our customers. The new owner is extremely satisfied and being a true Alfista appreciates the work that has gone into this car.

We hope you will enjoy our site - we aim to consistently add and improve the content so regular visits are recommended.

Thank you

Michael Bonello


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