We provide part and full preparation for historic race and rally events for all 101 & 105 series Alfas , simply let us know which event you want to take part in and together we can agree what needs to be done in conjunction with your budget.

We have recently started to import quality reproduction GTA close ratio gear sets, Crown Wheel and Pinion sets and Limited Slip Differential units from Italy. Our prices will beat the current equivalent found on the UK market today. So far we have imported quite a few of these items and our customers have been extremely satisfied.

We can either simply order these items for you or provide a fitting service via a choice of two of the most reputable names in the UK today. Alternatively we can put you in contact and you can make your own arrangements for fitment to your existing box and/or differential.

Transmission range

GTA reproduction gearset with the following ratios

1st 2.536
2nd 1.701
3rd 1.256
4th 1.000
5th 0.856

Nanni reproduction gearset with the following ratios

1st 2.334
2nd 1.576
3rd 1.208
4th 1.000
5th 0:884


  1. The above gearsets will fit all 5 speed 101 & 105 series gearboxes
  2. The 5th speed from the GTA set can be interchanged with the 5th speed from the Nanni set and vice versa - at no extra cost - as long as this is specified at the time the order is placed.
  3. Please note that these gearsets are produced for a 1300cc and/or 1600cc Alfa engines. If you require a set for a 2000cc Alfa engine please specify this when making the order as a no cost modification will need to be made during production.


Crown Wheel & Pinion sets with the following ratios

7/43 (6.14:1)
7/41 (5.86:1)
8/43 (5.38:1)
8/41 (5.13:1)


  1. All the above Crown Wheel & Pinion sets are for direct fitment to a standard (not limited slip) Alfa 101 or 105 series axle.
  2. Crown Wheel and Pinion sets are lightened and therefore give a weight saving when compared to the original Alfa production items
NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER ! 9/41 (4.55) and 9/43 (4.77) Crown Wheel & Pinion to fit Alfa ZF LSD 2 litre axle - this is a straight swap for the 10/41 (4.10) Crown Wheel & Pinion that was fitted as standard to the 2 litre LSD axle therefore no need for machining or sourcing of non LSD axle tubes and casings. Manufactured exclusively for us by one of Italy's best known racing transmission manufacturers, these Crown Wheels and Pinion are of the highest quality and are also lightened - place your order now !

Limited Slip Differential Units

Friction plate type (friction plates larger than ones found on a standard Alfa ZF limited slip unit) to fit standard (not limited slip) Alfa 105 series axles . No alterations / machining to differential casing needed. The standard drive shafts from the same axle can be used (no need to use the thicker , heavier shafts from a 2000cc axle)

4 lock out positions available 25% , 35% , 50 % & 70% (as opposed to the 3 positions on the Alfa ZF unit)

As all items are special order full payment will be required in advance

Please contact John Bonello by email at j.bonello@btinternet.com for any further info and prices


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