2000 GTV

One of our own project cars. Bare metal restoration, new wings, front panel, inner, mid and outer sills, finished in Rosso 501. Reupholstered interior, redesigned wiring harness, 1750 front grille (much nicer!). Period Momo Vegas, Harvey Bailey suspension kit, Regina adjustable top arms, Bilstein all round, drilled and grooved discs. 170+ BHP Alfa NORD engine with lightened flywheel, C & B 12mm cams, brand new Weber 45 DCOE's, 10:41 high compression pistons with lightened and balanced bottom end, oil cooler, twin electric fans, electronic ignition with rev limiter, gta manifold and exhaust, the list goes on. This car was finished mid October 2011 and was sold within hours of being advertised

Detailed 2000 GTV engine from the same car, upgrades include: twin electric fans, electric fuel pump, fully balanced engine, gas flowed and ported head, high compression pistons, high lift cams, Weber 45s, veloce exhaust, electronic ignition, rev limiter, oil cooler, Magnecor leads, battery repositioned to the boot etc.etc

Same engine from another angle.

Intricate pipe work.

1750 grille preferred to 2000 version.

Only bits of interior and exterior trim needed to finish the job

Detailing extends to every bit of the car.

Electric fuel pump installation just visible above differential.

Front underside - equally as detailed.


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